Do you ever use books as divination? I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. I open a book to a page that I feel drawn to and read the first words that catch my attention.
Last night these were the two books that I drew from. I opened The Candle and the Crossroads and I found myself on page 59 and the text that I read was “Honoring my Roots”. Then I opened the Snake Poems book to page 19 and landed on one simple word. “Flower”. I immediately heard “Bloom”. Use your roots to bloom. Let them nourish and strengthen you so you can rise up towards the sky. Use the energy/the soil of your ancestors to flower.
I usually wrap the oils that I’m sending out in old book pages. Over the years I’ve had so many people write to me to tell me that the pages that their oils were wrapped in had some type of significance to them.