• Create the Sacred

    Last month I turned 40. To me, age is usually just a number but for about 6 months leading up to my birthday, the universe kept telling me "40". I knew big, transformational, life changing things were in store but I didn't know what they were. I stayed open and I let myself be guided into unfamiliar territory. I noticed many changes occurring before I turned 40 and they grew increasingly stronger up until then and are still occurring. My dreams have become much more prophetic and enlightening, my state of mind is much more peaceful and accepting of all that is. I'm more conscious of my reactions to things that are beyond my control. I have learned to eat more consciously. My body is changing and my mind is evolving. It feels amazing. I have also been seeing the number 222 everywhere. The universe seems to show us continuous signs when it wants to get our attention. These aren't always numbers. At the beginning of my spiritual awakening many moons ago, they were showing me hawks. At that point I was still a bit in denial of my spiritual awakening so hawks were literally sitting in windows at my work watching me, dive-bombing my windshield while I was driving and then they left a dead baby hawk at my car door. That finally woke me up and I began listening to the signs and trying to learn and understand what the universe wanted me to know.
    Yesterday I went to a holistic fair. I decided that I needed to spend the whole day relaxing, meditating and healing. The universe evidently had other plans for me. Apparently I had gone there to learn and to be awoken in a way that I had no idea was coming. More on that in a minute.
    My first class was a yoga/shamanic journey class. I love journeying so I was excited about this class. The style of pranayama breathing that we did was not for me. Then we jumped straight from all of these Indian exercises to a "shamanic journey". I was lost between the cultures. I'm very much about blending cultures in healing work but this had no transition or flow and the guided journey was way too sweet and stereotypical for me. I wasn't into it at all. The old me would have stayed through the class out of fear of what people would think if I got up and left but the person that I am now realized that it wasn't for me and that my time is valuable. I quietly got up and left. 
    The next class was a goddess/yoga class. I liked the idea of blending goddesses, empowerment and yoga together. I enjoyed the mudras and yoga poses as well. What turned me off though was that the whole class was being recorded and that there were people walking around taking pictures of us in our various yoga poses. I went to the class for healing. Not to be part of someones marketing campaign. It also felt a bit cult like to me with it's leader and a bunch of younger followers. For as much as I liked the ideas behind the class, the egotistical aspects of it were definitely not my cup of tea. 
    Later I went to a sound healing session where the man conducting it was very keen on telling us how great what he was doing was. That was a bit of a red flag for me but I decided to give it a try anyway. About 5 minutes in I decided I really wasn't feeling it so I quietly got up and left.
    While I was walking around the fair I was lured in by a sign that said vedic numerology and palmistry. I liked the guy doing the readings but when I inquired about the cost, it was a big no for me. When I said no, he then showed me a card with a bunch of celebrity names printed on it and told me those were his clients. I guess he was trying to impress me but it didn't work. To me, people are people. I don't care if you're famous. What is your energy like? What is your passion? That's what I care about. 
    Luckily in the middle of all of this "spiritual" disappointment there was a 2 hour ecstatic dance session. I love to dance for so many reasons. Dancing is when I feel the most alive. It is when my mind and body connect and work together harmoniously on a higher frequency. Dancing is my medicine. 
    Ecstatic dance was the only truly spiritual thing that I experienced yesterday. When I woke up this morning I had an epiphany on why. What was created yesterday was a safe and sacred space where we were the creators of our own healing. There was an amazing woman who created the space. She gathered us in circle at the beginning and at the end. She kept the energy flowing through the entire session and she never took credit for any of our transformation, healing, enlightenment..etc. The DJ was referred to as a medicine man and I believe that was a very accurate description. I don't think a medicine man or woman heals you directly. I think they create a space that allows you to be open to receive healing from the universe. That is what he created yesterday through his music. I also love that both of them stepped out of  their roles as DJ and facilitator and they came on the floor and danced their medicine with us. There were no egos involved and it was incredible.
    While dancing, I had one of the most profound experiences that I have ever had. At the base of my spine I could feel the upward curling of a snake tail. The snake's body went up my body, curved inside my head and came out of a rather large hole in my forehead where my third eye is located. At that point I literally felt like I had a snake hanging out of my third eye hole, looking from side to side. As I type this I'm actually laughing because it sounds so insane and the visual is kind of amusing too. When I thought about this later, I realized that most people would probably be afraid if this had happened to them. To me, it felt very natural. Profound, but natural. When I woke up this morning I could still feel her with me. It feels like she has become part of my mind and my body. Awhile back I never would have shared any of this with anyone for fear that I would seem insane. For the longest time I questioned my sanity. It wasn't until my visions started being validated that I quit thinking that I was crazy and started trying to understand what this gift that I had was and how I could use it to help people.
    For years I have been right at the edge of creating a sacred, healing space on my property but it had never felt like the right time. I still had some growing to do and a lot of learning and healing before I was ready to start helping people on a regular basis. I needed to shed more of my ego, fear and self doubt. It has been creeping into my thoughts so much more lately and the call has become much stronger but I think I was subconsciously waiting for validation from the universe.
    When I woke up this morning I put a song on Spotify and decided to add it to a new playlist. As soon as I created the playlist name, I understood that it was much more than the name of a playlist. It was my new path. A new stage in life. A birthing of some incredible new way of healing and transformation. It is a way to create the community that I have felt calling to me for years. It is a way for me to share my gifts and to give back to the world.
    The name....CREATE THE SACRED. I knew for sure that this name would be taken but when I wasn't. I couldn't believe it. Maybe it was waiting for me? Had I spelled it wrong? Nope. It was just waiting for me to be ready to use it.
    The name Create the Sacred symbolizes so much. As soon as this name came out I understood what it was meant to be. I am creating a way of healing and transformation that is free from ego and attachment. I am not the healer. I am the one that holds space for your healing and transformation. I will help you to open up so that you can unlock the healing gifts that are already within you. I will not make you dependent on me, as many in the spiritual community do. I will show you your own magic and give you the courage to use it. I will help you to see that we are all sacred beings and show you ways that you can honor that sacredness in your daily life. I want to create sacred circles where we can grow and heal together. This is just the beginning stages of my vision for Create the Sacred.
    I am going to end this post here because there is so much flowing through that I need to process. I am so beyond excited about this next journey. I was going to call it new, but it's not new. It's ancient. It has been dormant in me for years and I am so grateful that it has woken up and is ready to come out and play.