The moon is an extremely powerful guide when we know how to work with her.
She illuminates our desires and our soul purpose and takes us on a journey through our darkest and lightest places. These oils were created to help us align with the phases of the moon and to tap into our inner wisdom and our divine feminine nature.

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and is a time of new beginnings, clarity, new awareness and inspiration. To me, the New Moon represents rebirth. It's a time for setting goals and intentions and manifesting what you would like to bring into your life.

New Moon is a beautiful and inspiring blend of elderflowers, tonka bean, geranium, jasmine flowers, amber resin, sandalwood and tobacco flowers and is infused with moonstone essence.

The Full Moon represents action, completion, self-expression, creativity and abundance. It's a time to look within and assess what you no longer want in your life. The Full Moon is a time for letting go of what prevents you from living your soul purpose and enjoying your life.

Full Moon is a powerful and mysterious blend of sacred cacao, black coffee, nutmeg, moss, leather, cardamom, oak and amber resin and is infused with moonstone essence.