I’m ready to be vulnerable and free.

I just went through my archive and reactivated a lot of old posts. Most of them were personal posts or stories about the snakes that I care for. It’s wild how easy the internet makes it to delete/hide your past with the click of a button. I’ve seen in what I believe to be my past lives, being killed and cast out of my home for who I was/my gifts. I think I still carry that with me along with growing up in a religion (cult) that thought people like me were evil. It’s hard/scary for me to be authentic and vulnerable in the world. To show my true self. I know that I have a lot to share and offer and sometimes I do but then shortly after I’ll find myself in a complete panic and remove it. This is something that I’m ready to work on and overcome. I’m ready to be vulnerable and free. To stop hiding. It’s time.
Does this resonate with you? Are there ways that you hide yourself from the world? Are you aware of your past lives and if so, are they affecting you in this life?