Medicine Man

This oil feels like ancient, sacred wisdom and healing. The Medicine Man carries the knowledge of all of his elders in his blood. His hands radiate healing and strength. He speaks the language of the plant, spirit and animal kingdom.
He’s a creature of knowledge, mysticism and compassion and is skilled at shapeshifting, spiritwork and transformation.
He’s in tune with the rhythms of every living thing and with his own rhythms. He walks between the worlds to bring back knowledge and healing to those in need and he helps souls to peacefully cross over.
He treats nature with the utmost respect and takes only what he needs for his survival and healing work and he always leaves gifts in return.
Medicine Man is a sacred ceremony of braided sweetgrass, worn leather and offerings of freshly picked cedar, tobacco, healing herbs and mystical spices.
The intention within this oil is that it will help to connect you with the natural medicine that you carry within you.