New Oils Coming Soon

My creative fire has been raging the past few weeks. Not only have I painted all of my emotions out but I have also created 18 new oils.

The guests in this new batch are Djinn, Dryad, Freya (Summer 2020 Edition), Ganesha, Hathor (Summer 2020 Edition), Huldra, Hypnos, Khronos, Kikimora, Medea, Morgan Le Fay (Summer 2020 Edition), Naga, Naiad, Oshun, Pan, Selkie (Summer 2020 Edition), Simbi, Thanatos and Vishnu.

I love how they all played their part in being created and how they all turned out. I have to write their stories and photograph them and then I will begin listing them so you can experience them for yourself.