Oracle Cards

How is it that you always seem to know which deck you’re meant to pull from? Or if that particular day it’s the tarot or an oracle or runes. I always seem to just know. Today I was called to the Enchanted Forest Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone and Meraylah Allwood. The Weaver of Visions....This card resonates so much with me as I have recently spoke openly about having visions and have witnessed my visions gaining potency with age/loss of sight. The book describes her as a shapeshifting enchantress and the sacred lake being her place of magical transformation. The land that I inhabit sits on a section of the lake. There’s a waterfall that I go to daily that flows into the lake. That’s where I go to heal, to journey, to let go, to understand, to connect and to just be.
Traits: Intuitive, Hypersensitive, Mysterious
The message: Listen to your heart and trust it’s guidance.
Does this card resonate with you?
How do you choose which form of divination to use or which deck to draw from? Do they call to you?