Selkies are powerful sea dwelling shapeshifters that are part human and part seal. When they are on land they are in their human form and when they are in the sea they are a seal. It is said that they come out of the water during the full moon to soak up moon energy and shed their seal skin. This leaves them extremely vulnerable to power seeking humans but they still do so courageously.

The Selkie teaches us how to navigate the ebbs and flows of our emotions and our relationship with ourselves and others. Their guidance helps us journey through the outer realms and also through our inner realms. They teach us how to dive deep into our darkest waters to pull out the light. They are keepers of wisdom and masters of self love. They teach us to be comfortable in our skin and to embrace every part of ourselves. They teach us to trust our intuition and to let our creativity pour out of us like water.

Selkie is an enchanting, creative and mysterious blend of sensual jasmine flowers, sweet Persian cyclamen, earthy cedar, animalistic musk and salty sea air.