This morning I pulled Yemaya from the Goddess Oracle. I’ve had a strong connection to her for many moons now and her energy always feels extremely powerful. So much so that I named my snake familiar Yemaya. Her energy is quite similar. She’s gentle and feminine but you can see the fierce wisdom in her eyes.
Drawing this card this morning was a powerful reminder for me to stop resisting the evolution of humanity and to surrender to the flow. To be washed clean of ways that I was holding on to and to be open to new ways of living and co-existing.

Yemaya, the Caribbean goddess of the sea, also known as Yemoja, the Yorùbá Orisha of the ocean is considered the mother of all that is. Yemaya represents change, love, abundance, surrender, flow and fertility. It is said that Yemaya gave birth to the stars, the moon and the sun.
She is the keeper of feminine mysteries and a protector and nurturer of women.
Yemaya teaches us to surrender to the flow of life and to worship our divine feminine essence.

Yemaya is a beautiful and powerful blend of salty sea air, driftwood, ancient magic and sacred floral offerings.