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Article: Hope for Eva

Hope for Eva

Eva ran today! Today was the first time that we’ve seen her run since we brought her to our house. When we found her she couldn’t walk without stumbling and she couldn’t get over the curb. The fact that she ran gives me hope that she can go back to the lake in a few weeks and back to a life of freedom. On August 7th we will take the wrap off her wing and assess her situation. Sadly, her breed was bred to be food so they don’t fly, which means that she doesn’t need both wings to survive. If she can run from predators (animal and human) then she can survive at the lake just fine. Today feels like such a turning point in her recovery and I’m so beyond grateful for it. 
Creativity + Play

Creativity + Play

I read that ducks get bored and lonely when they aren't around other ducks so I got her a mirror and some toys at a secondhand shop. She loves the mirror but isn't too sure about the toys yet. 

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