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Article: Feral Daughter

Feral Daughter

My Feral Daughter oil is inspired by wild Earth worshiping women who are untamed and unafraid to be themselves. I created this oil to help you to unleash the feral daughter within you. To inspire you to use your natural healing, intuition, wisdom and magic.
It is time for you to share your ancient and wild ways with the world. It is yearning for someone like you to draw others out of their self created cages.
You stand at the edge of the forest, feeling it’s energy in your blood, bones and soul. You speak the language of the trees and the animals.
It is time Feral Daughter. Uncage your magic and show your wild soul to the world. It’s been waiting for you.
Feral Daughter is a wild and inspiring blend of jasmine, pink peppercorn, ancient pine, golden amber resin, earthy patchouli, sandalwood, violets and musk.


+ Anything I use that has come from an animal has been found, salvaged or humanely collected.
I don’t harm animals for food, art, ritual or aesthetic purposes.

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