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Article: Hekate Inspired Spirit Doll

Hekate Inspired Spirit Doll

This Doll was inspired by the goddess Hekate.
Hekate is the Queen of the Night and the goddess of the crossroads. She is skilled in the art of divination, magick, shapeshifting, sorcery and rebirth.
In Greece, she was a Moon Goddess and was associated with the phases of the moon. During the middle ages she became known as the Queen of the Witches and she offered guidance to midwives, witches, healers and seers. Hekate is said to represent the Maiden, Mother and Crone. In her Crone aspect she's symbolized by the dark moon.
Hekate is a goddess of shadowwork, transformation, wisdom and increased feminine power.
Hekate takes you deep into your personal underworld so you can know, honor and grow from your darkness. When you make peace with your darkness is when you can live your authentic life and claim your power.
This doll was created with clay, salvaged textiles, found wood, a key and wool.
She carries a spell bottle that contains snake skin, black jasper, rowan wood and a rose bud.
+ Anything I use that has come from an animal has been found, salvaged or humanely collected.
I don’t harm animals for food, art, ritual or aesthetic purposes.


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Spirit Doll Sale

Spirit Doll Sale

This doll just sold but I still have 25 dolls available and I have marked them all down to make room for a new collection. You can view them all here.

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