Rainbow Serpent Sanctuary

  • Akasha - June 4, 2017

    Hanging out with this love tonight. 
    She wasn't much of a love when I went to get her out. I could feel her restlessness so I was gonna give her some outside time and she kept hissing at me and being antisocial. 
    (I think it's funny how similar my personality is to that of a snake). 
    I'm really in tune with their energy and their body language. I know when they're not feeling good or when they don't want to be messed with and I respect their space. 
    My husband was commenting the other day on how surprised he is that I have 10 snakes and have never been bit. 
    It doesn't surprise me though. 
    I can tell that they know that I love and respect them and they show me that same love and respect in return.


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