Rainbow Serpent Sanctuary

  • December 16, 2015

    Friday I got a message from a friend of mine that she had a friend with a snake that she could no longer keep and wanted to know if I wanted it. Turns out it wasn't "a" snake. 
    It was 3 adult ball pythons. 

    I hesitated at taking in three more snakes but 
    after talking to the lady for a little bit on Sunday I realized that these snakes are meant to be in my life and I'm meant to be in theirs. Something told me that I was meant to be their forever home. That if I would nurture and love them that they had a lot to teach me and a lot of medicine to give. 

    Yesterday and Sunday I could feel their energy before I had even met them or seen pictures of them. Like I already knew them. 
    I knew the girl was going to be extremely special and that one of the boys would be like my Nuri. Calm, shy and with a young childlike energy. 
    The other boy I couldn't quite read and still can't. He's kind of a mysterious one. 
    And he likes to explore. A lot!

    As soon as I got to the front door yesterday to pick the three up I knew everything was right. Instead of the usual Christmas decor it was pirate decor! 
    I immediately felt a connection as soon as the lady opened the door. 
    Turns out that we both understand and connect with snakes in the same way, 
    which is pretty rare I think. 
    A lot of people seem to just view them as cute or cool pets. 

    I went over this morning to my studio to check on everyone and they were all just chilling. They are all still adapting. It was a long bumpy ride home yesterday, then being taken to a completely different location and getting a new home...they are gonna need a few days to adjust. 

    I'm giving them their space but inside I'm SO excited to start bonding with them. 
    I pet two of them today just to let them know that it's okay and that they're in a loving environment. One of them is in shed and can barely see so I'm leaving him alone other than refreshing his water. 

    I've only been around these snakes for a few hours and am already so attached to them. 
    It's wild how some creatures you just instantly connect with on a soul level. 

    It's also interesting that I have exactly enough space in my studio to have my four snakes plus these. 

    My husband commented the other day that nobody will want to come to my space if it's full of snakes. 
    That thought had crossed my mind as well but I decided to stay true to my gift and my self and snake medicine/energy is a huge part of who I am and what I do. I figure that the people who are meant to be there will be and the people who are turned off by it would probably not benefit from what I have to offer anyway or maybe it's just not time for them yet.

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