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  • Yemaya - August 31, 2015


    My newest love and muse.

    I got her on Saturday and she is awesome! I've been wanting a female snake for awhile now but hadn't found "the one" until the other day. 

    When I went looking for her I didn't have a color or type in mind. I just wanted a female ball python that I vibed with. She was the first one that I held and I instantly knew that she was the one. I noticed that she was grey but I was so busy learning her energy that I barely looked at her physical appearance. It wasn't until I took her out at the store to let my mom meet her new granddaughter that I actually noticed how beautiful she is. 

    She's still pretty shy but we're already bonding. She has amazing feminine energy and there's something very special about her. She seems very smart and intuitive as well. I can't wait to see what her personality will be once she's adapted to her new life.

    I named her Yemaya, the Yoruban Orisha of the ocean and the moon. I wanted to name her after a moon goddess since I got her on the full super moon. She is also a goddess of healing, creativity, dreams and a patroness of witches. 

    When depicted as Nana Burku, she is a very old woman, connected to mud, swamps, and the earth.

    In the two nights that I've had her I've had the most lucid dreams that I've had in a long time and was also inspired to create three new oils. I now have an oil named after each snake. These oils will benefit my snake sanctuary.

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