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Article: The Miracle Kitten

The Miracle Kitten

Yesterday we had to go into the city and as I was getting onto the highway we both saw something grey that was chaotically jumping about 2 feet in the air and weaving in and out of traffic.
When it got closer to our car we realized it was a kitten.
We watched as he crossed three lanes of speeding traffic and tried to cross the median. Luckily he was too small to get over the median which was a concrete wall about 4ft tall.
I did a u-turn at the next exit, pulled over near the median and looked up and down and didn’t see him anywhere.
I went a mile and a half to the next exit, turned around, got in the fast lane near the median and I saw him curled up next to the median wall.
I pulled over and went to where he was. By this point I had no idea what I was going to find.
I couldn’t believe it when he looked up at me. He was still alive!
I tried to catch him but he ran down the side of the highway towards where my car was parked. My husband had gotten out and in one superhero swoop managed to catch him. He knew he had one chance to catch him or he would probably run back into traffic out of fear and possibly not be so lucky the next time.
My husband was getting bitten and clawed so we put Sami in one of my reusable shopping bags to contain him and calm him down.
We went to my mom's house which was nearby and assessed the situation and created a temporary container for him with a bowl of water.
His mouth and eye were bleeding but it didn’t look too bad.
We decided to go home instead of straight to a vet because we didn’t want to traumatize him even more.
When we got home we gave him some canned food, water and a litter box and I cut a piece of fake fur for him, which he loves!
I cleaned up his wounds and and let him get some rest.

I asked the universe and every deity and guide that I know of to let him make it through the night and be okay.
I woke up at 4am to a kitten meowing that seems to have no internal or external damage other than a couple of wounds on his mouth and lower eyelid.
He is the sweetest creature ever! He purrs louder than any kitten I’ve ever heard. He loves love and is soothed by us petting him.
He's eaten quite a bit, has been drinking water and is using the litter box.
I’m still in disbelief that the thing we saw bouncing through traffic yesterday is this loving, healthy kitten that is in our house today.
I washed up his wounds again this morning and I feel like they will heal fine.
If they happen to get infected I have antibiotics that I can give him.
Once he's had time to adjust to his new life we’ll take him to the vet for a checkup and to get neutered. 

If you would like to support Sami's journey click here.
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