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Article: Cleansing + Clearing

Cleansing + Clearing

I drew this card yesterday at a red tent circle that I went to. When I got home the main thing that spoke to me other than community, was that it said “Co-create your own moon circle -refer to page 111”. 111 or 1111 and 333 are numbers that I notice constantly. Along with my birthday 1028 which equals 11. 111 symbolizes growth, new opportunities, fulfilling your soul purpose and following your own path.
I feel like I got a nod from source with that one. Create a moon circle and 111. ✨
The red tent yesterday was an extremely powerful circle. I’m still processing so much of what was brought to the surface. Lifetimes and lineages of suppression. Always feeling like an outcast and therefore struggling with my self-worth. I’ve always been a free thinker, wild, intuitive, independent and a natural, mystical woman and society doesn’t seem to like those traits in a woman. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that we were still being persecuted for those traits. Maybe on a more subtle level we still are. Maybe that’s why so many women, myself included struggle with being seen, heard and feeling worthy. Yesterday was a huge validation for me of how important these spaces, these gatherings are. I’m so glad that I’m finally answering this calling. Putting all the what if’s aside and creating a safe space for women to heal and embrace their full selves, their power, their purpose, their worth and their gifts.
I thank the universe/source every day for what I’m given and this cabin and land that I’ve been blessed with is no exception.
I feel that I need to honor that blessing by creating something sacred here. To share the magick and the gifts that I’ve been given. When we heal and step into our power, we inspire others to do the same.
It’s a beautiful sunny day today and while I was outside reading, my mind wandered off and I had a bit of an epiphany. Why was I still carrying all of that weight, all of those stories, projections and burdens with me? If I can choose to carry them, I can also choose to unload them and choose peace, happiness and freedom instead.
Why choose heaviness when light is an option? And so it is. I’m off to do a massive clearing/releasing ritual.
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