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Article: Moon Circle

Moon Circle

I hope that you enjoyed the weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday cleaning out the downstairs part of the cabin that I’m renovating. The previous owners had left a ton of stuff in there along with years worth of animal mess. It wasn’t pretty! I’m really happy with the progress that I’ve made so far. After assessing the situation, it seems that the whole cabin will need to be gutted and replaced with clean materials. I’ve been looking into natural alternatives to sheetrock. If anyone has any experience with affordable, eco-friendly building I would love some tips! My next step is to remove all of the wood from the wall and ceilings and then tackle the attic/loft area. My vision of the space is becoming more clear as I spend time in there. It will be small, humble, intimate and sacred. It will be the perfect space for small circles and workshops. I want to extend the patio quite a bit so we can hold circles outside when the weather permits it. I’m going to bring my chiminea over there so we can have the element of fire. And of course I’m already putting together playlists for the events. I literally have a playlist for everything. Road-trips, rituals, eating, sleeping, dance, meditation…..
Cleansing + Clearing

Cleansing + Clearing

I drew this card yesterday at a red tent circle that I went to. When I got home the main thing that spoke to me other than community, was that it said “Co-create your own moon circle -refer to pa...

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