Snake Life

  • Nuri & Akasha

    Hanging out with Nuri and Akasha today.
    Nuri was two years old when I got him. He was no longer wanted by the family that had him.
    Akasha was several years old when I got her and I'm the third person that has had her. She originally belonged to a teenage boy, then to someone that could no longer keep her.
    Snakes get attached to people and their surroundings the same way any other creatures do. I have 10 snakes now and 7 of them were unwanted and/or mistreated by their previous owners.

    These snakes can live to be 40+ years old if they are well taken care of. Please don't get a snake as a novelty.
    They deserve forever homes just as much as any other animal.

    I am in the process of creating a section on here to spread awareness of these amazing creatures. There will soon be a gallery, care instructions, links and a donate button. Donations will allow me to start fostering rescues while they wait for their forever home.

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