• Mystic Pits - Aluminum Free Deodorant That Actually Works - Vegan

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    Pick Your Potion......

    ∙∙••DARK PATCHOULI••∙∙

    Dark Patchouli smells of aged patchouli with the faintest hint of woodsmoke.

    ∙∙••THE ORACLE••∙∙

    The Oracle smells of enchanting pumpkin, blood orange and a bit of clove buds.

    ∙∙••SACRED FOREST••∙∙

    Sacred Forest smells of an ancient forest with moss draped trees and rich earth. 

     *Please include your scent choice at checkout.

    These deodorants are part of my Mystic Pits™ line.

    All of the deodorants in this line are handmade by me, vegan, cruelty free and work exceptionally well. 

    I tried them out on myself, friends and family in the middle of the summer in Texas.

    Trust me. These definitely work!

    I decided to start making my own deodorant when I couldn't find anything vegan that actually worked. Plus, I was getting bored with the typical lavender, lemongrass, tea tree...blah. I love those ingredients just as much as the next but I wanted some originality.

    I wanted pits that smelled like an enchanted forest or pumpkin pie so that's when the Mystic Pits™ line came about.

    You will receive a 2 oz jar of this incredible wonderstuff. The jar is reusable and can be recycled. 

    Please keep your deodorant out of the sun and heat to prolong it's shelf life.

    This product will easily last 6 months to a year if it's kept out of the heat.

    When applying your deodorant you only need a very small amount and it's best applied with the bamboo applicator that I have listed. 

    The applicator is reusable, 3.5" and eco-friendly. Use the rounded side to apply.

    *A note about sweat. Sweat is a good thing! It's how our bodies get rid of toxins.

    This deodorant will absorb some sweat but remember, sweat is our friend. 

    To be out hiking on a 100° and not sweat is freakish (not in a good way) and unhealthy. 

    Ingredients: Aluminum Free Baking Soda, Fair Trade & Sustainable Coconut Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Shea Butter, Plant Derived Vitamin E Oil, Non GMO Cornstarch, Soy Wax, Fragrance


  • Mystic Pits - Aluminum Free Deodorant That Actually Works - Vegan
  • Mystic Pits - Aluminum Free Deodorant That Actually Works - Vegan

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