Welcome to A Victorian Revolution

My shop is filled with things I love. Vintage upcycled clothing. I love to get retro or vintage jackets and turn them into something very special and beautiful. I am a firm believer in recycling. So I turn ordinary things, cereal boxes, shoe boxes and album covers into unique and usable journals. My love of photography is shown in the framed photos and photo greeting cards that I have to offer. And jewelry. What girl doesn't love jewelry? From the beautiful classic vintage pieces to the healing power of semi precious stones. It's all here. As an animal lover and longtime vegetarian / vegan, any thing in my shop that has come from an animal, (feathers or shells), is a found object. I will never buy anything that causes harm to a sentient being. I also donate to various animal charities. Greenpeace, Animal Connection of Texas, Peta, World Wildlife Fund, are a few. There is truely a storm in the wind. We must be the change... Thanks for having a look. Peace and love, Tammie