I’m HagRoot.
I’m the creatrix of everything that you see on these pages.
I’m a maker of many things and a bit of an alchemist.
I've been creating art and potions since I was a child.
In 2010 I started selling my craft online and at festivals.
It has all continued to grow and evolve since then.
I prefer to work with natural elements and believe in treading on this earth as lightly as possible.
I'm a hermit and a healer.
I prefer solitude in nature over just about anything.
Nature is where I heal. It's where I find my connection to myself and all that is.
I am a cosmic channel.
I love being able to deliver messages from people's guides and ancestors.
I'm a walker between the worlds that many do not see.
I am also an empath.
I love helping other empaths understand their gift and learn how to work with it instead of letting it prevent them from living their soul purpose.
 My passion is helping others to connect with their medicine through art, shadow work, journeying, herbs, crystals and energy work.
I believe that I'm here to help awaken people's inner fire and to show them the magic and the medicine that is hidden inside of them.
We all carry this sacred power but many of us aren't aware of it or have forgotten that we have it.
I am very comfortable working with our shadows and the lower realms.
I love to journey through the dark to bring forth the light.
Transformation / Death & Rebirth is the medicine that I work with.
Snake Medicine ~ Scorpio Medicine
You can see my love of the dark and the light in my creations and in the way that I do readings and energy healing.
I’m a practitioner of natural based spiritual practices but I don’t follow any specific path.
I dance to the beat of my own drum.
I have studied Shamanism, Buddhism, Witchcraft, Voodou and African Spirituality. I have attended many classes, workshops and events, read tons of books, participated in countless online teachings and have received many certificates in earth based spirituality, soul empowerment and natural healing.
If you feel that I can assist you in any way on this transformational journey of life
feel free to send me a message.
Brightest of blessings to you on this magical journey.