I’ve always struggled with writing an ‘About Me’. I’ve written several of them over the years but they don’t ever stay on my website for long. They always wind up just feeling like a bunch of meaningless words. I prefer the wordless language. The kind where energy does all the talking. Since I can’t just have a blank page of energy (😂) here’s my attempt to write an ‘About Me’ that will hopefully not sound like a witchy dating ad or an ego based rambling of all of the certifications that I’ve gotten over the years. I have always been called towards natural and spiritual healing and have known that my purpose is to use those modalities to help myself and others. Along this path I thought that I needed certificates to prove my worth as a healer. FALSE. I am technically a reiki master, teacher of the Munay Ki Rites, crystal healer, herbalist, doctor of metaphysics, soul coach and many other titles that mean absolutely nothing. They were experiences that I apparently needed to go through to bring me to where I am today but I don’t need a stack of papers proving that I’m a healer. I was incarnated as one and have been one in many lifetimes before this.

The creations that I make are infused with my love for the natural world and the unknown. You can always feel the moon, the sea, the plants and the stars in the things that I make and all of my creations seem to have a layer of otherworldly mysticism to them.

My home and workspace are like altars. They feel sacred and powerful and that energy is infused into my creations.

You will also feel the presence of the snake energy that flows through my veins. It’s an unmistakable energy. It feels transformative, spiritual and ancient. I am the caretaker of 11 snakes. I originally had a separate space for them but it didn’t feel right. When I was away from them it felt like they were worlds away so I moved all 11 of them into my bedroom.

I now refer to my bedroom as the snake den and it has the most amazing, healing energy. If you would like to learn more about my little snake family you can visit the ‘Sanctuary’ section of my website. All of the shed snake skin that I use in my art comes from them. Snake medicine is some of the most powerful and ancient medicine that I have ever worked with and I’m beyond grateful to have them in my life.

HagRoot is a name that I gave myself years ago. To me it symbolizes the roots of nature and our roots that run deeper into the earth than many of us are even aware of. They are our ties to the earth. They are portals to ancient knowledge and the underworld. The Hag part of my name is an embrace and an acceptance of the old, the wise and the feral that lurks inside all of us. To me, “ugly” and raw is beautiful. Anyone can be physically attractive by society’s standard of what qualifies as attractive. That’s safe and extremely boring. Show me your inner hag. Let her out to play. Letting her out takes so much bravery in this shallow world of vanity and ego. Hopefully my words and my creations will inspire you to take your mask off and let your untamed self out for the world to see. It feels so liberating and so truthful.

I guess that I will end this ‘About Me’ here but if you have any questions or would like to learn more about my creations feel free to message me.

Thank you for reading. 🙏💗✨