I go by HagRoot. I’m the wild Creatrix of everything you see on these pages. I live in a recycled house that my husband and I built and my studio is a cabin in the woods. I share my space with 12 snakes, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Almost all of them are strays/rescues. The well-being of animals and our impact on the planet is extremely important to me. I think that comes through in my creations and packaging. I use cruelty free, organic, ethically sourced and recycled items as much as possible.

I am very solitary. I prefer to spend the majority of my time in nature or in my studio creating things. I feel that my creations are how I connect with the world. I have never really fit in anywhere and seem to live in my own world most of the time. I feel like this helps me stay open to my creative flow, connected to myself and my guides and helps me travel between the realms pretty effortlessly.

I don’t follow a particular spiritual path. 
I have studied and observed spiritual practices from all over the world but I don’t resonate fully with any of them so I create my own path. You will see that I incorporate much of what I’ve learned from these diverse spiritual practices and healing arts into my creations. 

I lean very much towards the mystical and less towards the mundane. When I create, there is always a massive input and output of energy flowing through me and my work. I’ve had many people they tell me they can feel it before they even open their packages. 

I prefer to work with the deeper, darker aspects of life because I feel like that is where growth and enlightenment is hidden. I like to go into the darkest of places and transmute it into something healing and powerful. I embody the regenerative medicine of the snake.
Break, let go, create, heal and transform. 

I am very passionate about the things that I make and how they affect people. I feel that my creations are my service to the world. I strive to make things that will uplift, inspire and empower others to live creatively, authentically and with gratitude and true happiness. 

I hope you enjoy browsing these pages and that they resonate with you in some way. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.