Heal the Earth

There is no difference between us and the earth. We are all one.

When we give to the Earth from our hearts, we are also giving to ourselves because each of us is intrinsically a part of the Earth. When we make the effort to heal the Earth, we heal ourselves.   We can start healing the earth by first aligning ourselves with the power to create healing for ourselves, and for the earth. Shifting our energy always creates change. 

There are many ways of taking healing action that will increase our connection to nature, and each person has his or her own preferences. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Consciousness – Observing, studying, listening, reading, and spending time in the natural environment will heighten our awareness of the condition of the Earth.
  • Intention – Directing our focus and intentions to healing the Earth. This can be done anywhere – it is the thought that counts.
  • Reverence – Cultivating reverence for nature through our own observations and through the study of other people’s experiences.

Leaving a Light Footprint

Our ecological “footprint” represents the ecological impact of our lives. Valentines to Mother Earth include treading lightly on her. Actions of highest priority are these:

  • Reduce or eliminate the consumption of animal-based products. (Consult your physician before making abrupt, substantial dietary changes.)
  • Avoid processed and packaged foods, and purchase organic, locally grown products whenever possible.
  • Minimize household waste and the use of electricity, water, and fossil fuels.

Commute or travel by public transportation, by carpools, and by biking or walking as often as possible.


Healing the world means healing the relationship between people and people, and between people and the Earth.

Healing the world is important for the health, wealth, and happiness of people in general and for certain animals and plants.

The Earth as a whole and most of the people, animals and plants can take care of themselves very well, but a very large number still need help from others.

Earth has gone through dramatic changes before and will again. It will survive in some form or another. The real question is whether humans will survive those changes and whatever they may do to themselves and those beings dependent on or strongly influenced by them.

Healing the world requires:

A. Awareness of what is happening in the world.
B. Forgiveness for what has happened before.
C. Focus on the good that is happening now and the good desired.
D. Action in the present to solve current problems.
E. Cooperation with others in solving the problems.
F. Increasing individual skills to help solve the problems.
G. Utilizing whatever works that is consistent with the aim. This includes a willingness to work:
a. Objectively: Many, many scientists, peacemakers, inventors, writers, artists, and others participating in group action physically or with financial or informational support are already working at this level. You can, too.
b. Metaphysically: Many people who pray, bless, send energy, use telepathy, clairvoyance, or astral travel are already working at this level. You can, too.
c. Shamanically: More and more people are healing through rituals, with spirit help, and on inner journeys, and you can, too.
d. Holistically. More and more people are working with meditation, grokking, and creating resonance through self change, and you can, too.

The key to healing the world is doing whatever you can do, with whatever knowledge and skill you have, whenever a need for healing arises in your awareness, in every present moment that it does.

 *Info found on huna.org and downtoearth.org