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Many moons ago I became the caretaker of a two year old ball python named Nuri. He lived with a family that no longer wanted him.
Not long after adopting Nuri I began getting calls and emails from people that no longer wanted their snakes or could no longer take care of them.
Then came calls and emails about abused and neglected snakes that needed homes. Before too long I had become the caretaker of 12 ball pythons.
They range in ages from 3-25+ years old.

I understand their energy in a way that many don't.
This has allowed me to help them trust people and to become healthy and happy snakes.
Quite a few of the snakes that I took in were malnourished and starving, living in filth, abused and terrified of people.
I connected with them on a deep level to understand how to heal and care for them. I infused them with the energy that I felt they needed. I knew when they needed to eat, when they wanted attention and when they needed space.
With this understanding of their needs and a dedication to helping them heal and thrive, I can proudly say that all 12 of them are extremely healthy and happy. Some of them have gone through such transformations that it's hard to believe they are even the same snake.

I wish I could take in every snake in need of help but unfortunately I don't have the means to do so.
I want all of them to have plenty of attention, time outdoors and the proper housing and food.
If I were to take in more snakes it wouldn't be fair to these that have put their trust in me to take care of them and provide them with what they need.

If you have a snake that needs to be re-homed please connect with rescue groups in your area before putting them on Craigslist of social marketplaces.
There are a lot of scammers out there that don't have the animals best interests at heart. And please do not let them go outside and assume that they'll be fine.

If you feel called to have a snake in your life, please adopt one in need of a home rather than from a breeder or pet store. Most breeders keep adult snakes in stacks of small plastic tubs and only get them out to breed them. That is no life for a snake. I personally wish they had never become people's "pets" in the first place because they all deserve freedom. Not a life spent in aquariums and plastic containers.

Before adopting a snake, please do your research. Snakes in captivity can live anywhere from 15-40+ years depending on the breed. Make sure you are willing to take care of that snake for the entirety of it's life. These are not novelty items that you have for a year or two and then get rid of. They get attached to their humans. Please also make sure that you have the time and finances for a snake. They require the proper heat, lighting, humidity, clean housing, fresh water and feeding schedule. These things all take time and money.

Thank you so much for reading and for your interest in these amazing beings.
If you would like to help support my snake sanctuary there will be a link below.

Your offering will not only go towards food, housing and veterinary expenses,
it will also contribute to our ongoing efforts to rescue and rehabilitate other animals in need.

Thank you in advance for any offerings that you send their way.

If you would like to support my Snake Sanctuary click here.