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When I hold this necklace I feel someone that is extremely lost and confused. It doesn't feel good. It feels empty. I then feel/see a hand reach out to me. I follow it deep into an overgrown forest. There I am shown my potential, my soul purpose and what my heart has been searching for. I feel that this necklace was created to renew your connection to nature and to your true self so you can be reborn and begin living with passion and purpose. 

 This necklace was made from a labradorite stone, a ghost quartz stone, etched and stained clay and a found bone.

Labradorite is beneficial for promoting self-empowerment, independence and clarity.

Ghost Quartz aids in growth and transformation. It also brings you wisdom, creativity and truth. 

The pendant measures 2.5” x 2.5” and hangs from a 19” antique style chain with a clasp. 

+Please do not get your necklace wet. If it needs to be cleansed, let it sit overnight in the moonlight or cover it loosely with dirt.

Sale price$ 55.00