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This quirky guide is here to take you on a journey through the Upperworl, the Underworld and everything in between. His energy is fun and odd and he doesn't take anything too seriously. That doesn't mean though that he won't take you to some powerful places. It just means that not everything in life needs to be taken seriously. Sometimes when we lighten up is when we receive the most life changing messages. The way that he moves and dances serves as a reminder to lighten up and enjoy life.

I feel that if this necklace is meant for you that you will be told what his name is.

He is made from etched and stained clay, quartz crystal, a found bone and ghost quartz.

Ghost Quartz aids in growth and transformation. It also brings wisdom and truth to your current situation. It is beneficial for manifesting what you desire, healing, spiritual growth, mental clarity, meditation, protection, creativity and channeling. 

Quartz crystal is known as a master healer. It has the ability to absorb, filter and release energy as needed. This is very beneficial in keeping you in balance and for deep soul cleansing. It connects with all of your chakras, clearing out blockages, and cleaning your aura which allows your energy to flow freely. It aids in spiritual growth and self transformation.

The pendant measures approximately 4.5" x 1.25" and hangs from a 20” antique style chain with a clasp. 

+Please do not get your necklace wet. If it needs to be cleansed, let it sit overnight in the moonlight or cover it loosely with dirt.

Sale price$ 64.00