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This medicine bottle necklace was created with the intention to help you increase your personal power and live your truth. She is a reminder to make choices in life that honor your divine energy and bring you closer to your true essence rather than choices that block you or prohibit you from living your full potential.
She is a meant to be worn as a daily reminder to live your dreams and listen to your heart.

Her Contents: 
Snake Skin- Represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth and is also useful for transformation and protection.
Green Rutilated Quartz- This is a very protective stone that is known to dispel fear, anxiety and phobias. It is also beneficial for bringing abundance into your life. 
Birch Cones- Birch is a calming tree and is also good for rebirth, regeneration, protection and renewal. 
Measurements including cork:  2” x 1.5” 
She hangs from a 19" antique style chain with a clasp.

+Please note that the corks are fragile. Attempting to open the bottle may damage the cork which will result in the ingredients becoming less potent. 

+Please do not get your necklace wet. If it needs to be cleansed, let it sit overnight in the moonlight or cover it loosely with dirt.
Sale price$ 58.00