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This is a sacred conjure bag that I created with the intention that it will bring you what you need and desire. I personally use these bags as intention bags. To use it in this way, I recommend that you are clear on your intention and then intuitively fill your bag with items that resonate with your intention. These can be stones, herbs, trinkets, notes, coins, resin, shells or found bones. Anything that has meaning to you and feels like it will aid you in manifesting your intention.

You will want to charge your bag periodically to maintain it’s energy.

I created this conjure bag from salvaged leather and adorned it with salvaged wool, fabric, a found bone and a hagstone.

The bag is 3.75” wide and 3.25” tall. The fringe adds an additional 5”.  The cord is 21”. 

+ Anything I use that has come from an animal has been found, salvaged or humanely collected. I don’t harm animals for food, art, ritual or aesthetic purposes.

Sale price$ 25.00