Heart Chakra Oil for Self Love, Compassion and Relationships

Heart Chakra Oil for Self Love, Compassion and Relationships

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When the Heart Chakra is blocked or misaligned, you’ll have a hard time relating to other people. You will be less compassionate and sometimes impatient and restless. You’ll find it harder to trust others and you won’t feel at peace.
A misaligned heart chakra may even be the cause of high blood pressure or low immune system function.
A heart chakra can become blocked from response to anything in life that is emotionally hurtful or that drains your emotional resources.

I created this oil from roots, herbs, stones, resins, botanicals and oils known for ages to align and heal the heart chakra.

When your heart chakra is aligned and fully open, you feel loving and calm and are able to make sense of your feelings. When your heart chakra is open, it allows you to better understand and meet your needs and to be able to give love to others. You will be able to embrace your emotions instead of feeling the need to repress them.

To use this oil, sit in a quiet place and put a drop or two on each pulse point and a drop or two in the center of the chest. After doing this, visualize that you’re drawing green energy up through your body towards the heart from the base of the spine. Picture that energy turning into a bright ball of pink or green swirling light energy filling the heart chakra. As you breathe, focus on feelings of love for yourself and others while letting that green energy radiate through your whole body. 

May you restore harmony to all of your chakras and feel whole in your body and mind.

Love and blessings to you on this beautiful journey. ~HagRoot

This oil comes in a 1/2oz. clear bottle and contains ethically sourced roots, herbs, stones, resins, botanicals and oils.