Heart Chakra Oil for Love, Compassion, Empathy and Openness

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The knowledge of chakras originated from the holy men and seers in ancient India.
Chakras are centers of awareness or energy in the body. They influence your cells, organs, thoughts, hormones and emotions. We take in energy from our surroundings through the chakras. This is one of the reasons why we need to be mindful of our surroundings and of the company that we keep. Balancing and activating the chakras will aid in healing your body, mind and spirit.
The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest. It's Sanskrit word is anahata which means whole or unbroken.
The heart chakra governs the heart, lungs, skin, blood, the hands, arms, upper back and the immune system.

When your heart chakra is working properly you will feel universal and personal love, compassion, open-mindedness, tolerance of others and acceptance of oneself.

When your heart chakra is blocked or out of alignment you may feel bitter, isolated and lonely. You may have a hard time connecting to others or feel overwhelmed by them.

To use this oil: Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Anoint your pulse points and your heart chakra with the oil. Take several deep breaths and visualize a spinning vortex of green light filling your heart chakra. Visualize the light pushing out everything that doesn't belong there. Then allow the green light to fill the area with love, compassion, health and renewal.
You can do this as often and for however long that you feel it is needed.

This oil comes in a 1/2oz. clear bottle and contains ethically sourced roots, herbs, stones, resins, botanicals and oils.

Contains: Jasmine, Rose Oil & Rose Petals, Cedar, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz