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Wear this necklace for transformation and for connecting to your spirit guides and the Divine. Labradorite is beneficial for promoting self-empowerment, independence and clarity.

This necklace is made from labradorite, a salvaged chicken foot, coconut shell and hand blended clay.

The pendant measures 6” x 1.25” and hangs from a 19” chain with a clasp.

Any of my creations that utilize animal products have been responsibly and ethically sourced. The majority of it comes from roadkill or animals that have died naturally. Some of it is the by-product of animals raised for human consumption that would otherwise be thrown away.

All of the leather and suede that I use is from scrap or from recycled clothing.

When I create, I always infuse the item with intention and good energy. When plants, stones and animals are utilized l always thank them for their energy and ask them to bless the future owner with their magic.

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