• UNAKITE - Pendulum Necklace for Divination

  • There are a lot of times when I’m out that I wish I had my pendulum with me. It’s a bit impractical though to carry all of your divination tools with you on a daily basis. That’s why I created these pendulum necklaces. 

    They are the perfect divination tool to have with you at all times and now it’s easy to carry them along with you. 

    Plus you will also be benefiting from the stones properties by wearing it. 

    Properties of Unakite:

    • Brings the emotional body into alignment with the higher forces of spirituality
    • Clears toxic emotions and old pains
    • Releases anger, resentment, vengeances
    • Helps one to deal with the events or information from the past which have instilled blockages in our energy
    • Used to help one go beneath the physical symptom of disease and determine the root cause underlying the condition
    • Used in treatment of the reproductive system, to stimulate healthy pregnancies
    • Astrological sign of Scorpio

    This genuine stone pendulum is approximately 3/4" and hangs from an 18" chain.

  • $ 14.00

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