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There are many times in our life when we feel like we are being called to change and grow but we aren't quite sure how. We don't know where to begin or what path to take. I created this necklace to assist it's wearer in the process of transformation. It is meant to help you to open your heart to change and to help you tap into unused resources within your being.  By opening your heart and going within you will gain clarity on your purpose and gain wisdom on how to live your best life. This is the time to let your wild, natural self flourish. Embrace life and all that is. 

This necklace features a found jaw bone that I naturally stained, a glass vial with shed snake skin and moss, recycled silk ribbon that has been hand dyed, carved bone beads, wood beads and a key charm. 

I added the jaw bone and snake skin to represent death and rebirth. The moss represents growth. The carved beads and hand dyed ribbon represent our creative fire and our oneness with the world. The key is there to unlock hidden paths. 

This necklace is approximately 8" long by 3.5" wide. It hangs from a 20" black chain with a clasp.





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