• Wizardly Wisdom - Spirit Sculpture for Wisdom and Insight

  • $ 62.00

  • Description

    A spirit sculpture for wisdom and insight.

    This statue has a Botswana agate to bring positive energy into the auric field and boost intuitive powers.

    This sculpture is made from a custom blended clay and is painted and glazed and attached to a piece of found wood. It measures approximately 9” tall x 2.5” wide.

    All of my spirit sculptures are one of a kind and they all carry energy that is unique to them.

    I believe that the connection to the person the sculpture is meant to be with has been set long before I create the sculpture. 

    These are all made with an infusion of energies that I work with. Crystals, plants, the moon, the star people and snake/reptile energy.

    Many of these sculptures feel extremely ancient even though they have just been created. That is part of the energy that I work with.

    If you are feeling drawn to a specific sculpture, you are most likely needing that particular medicine in your life at this time. Listen to what your heart/intuition are telling you. You will know the answer. 


    *In order to protect your sculpture, please don’t get it wet.

    **To cleanse/recharge your sculpture place it in the moonlight of a full moon. 



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