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Article: New Faery Oil - Limited Edition

New Faery Oil - Limited Edition

Welcome the fae into your life with this enchanting handcrafted oil.
These mystical creatures embody the wild and free spirit of nature.
Faeries are drawn to those who share a deep love and respect for nature.
By believing in them and embracing their energy, you can attract their presence into your life and deepen your connection with the natural world. Invite these whimsical creatures in and let yourself be transported to their realm with their ethereal music, light-hearted energy and joyful dancing. Connect with these enchanting beings and let the magick of nature flow through you.
Allow them to guide you towards self-awareness, happiness and liberation.
This oil is an enchanting potion of sweet honeysuckle, wild orchid, clover and lilacs.
It has been charged with the powers of prehnite and citrine.
Oil Properties:
Honeysuckle- Attracts the Fae, Psychic Visions, Lucid Dreaming
Orchid- Used for Connecting with the Fae, Concentration, Strength
Clover- Sacred to the Fae, Allows a Human to See Faeries, Shields Against Dark Forces
Lilac- Attracts Faeries, Strengthens Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Protection, Shields Empaths, Enhances Divination & Meditative Practices
Crystal Properties:
Prehnite- Attracts the Fae, Otherworldly Communication, Enhances Your Relationship with Nature, Deep Meditation, Protection
Citrine- Creative Energy, Abundance, Increases Positive Energy, Faery Blessings
This Faery oil comes in a beautifully crafted 1/4 oz. embossed, leaf shaped glass bottle with a gold metal cap and decorative green fringe.
+ Anything I use that has come from an animal has been found, salvaged or humanely collected. I don’t harm animals for food, art, ritual or aesthetic purposes.

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