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 I first learned about Pi stones when I was gifted one many moons ago after studying the Munay Ki Rites. These are the nine initiations of the Q'uero shaman tradition. They encourage the attributes of wisdom, love and service. These rites are said to be given to us from those who have walked the healing path before us, the ancient wisdomkeepers of old, and from those who are yet to come. 

The Pi stone represents wholeness, death and rebirth and the continuous circle of life.

Pi stones are good stones to have for protection and spiritual security. They work with the 8th chakra to help you connect to your higher self and gain clarity on your true purpose in life.

The 8th chakra is located above the crown chakra and is said to be the energetic link between us and our higher selves. It is also referred to as the soul star chakra and is considered as a portal to where divine love flows into our physical bodies. 

Measurements: 1.5" with a 25" crochet style cord.

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