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She carries the stories, the pain, the love and the wisdom of all of the women who have come before her. She teaches us to open to our power. To receive love and to know that we are worthy of healing and wholeness. She teaches us to speak up and to tell our stories. She knows that by telling our stories we are healing all the women that have come before us and we are paving an easier way for  the future generations of women. By healing the lineage of the feminine we are also healing the lineage of the masculine. 

I created this doll from driftwood and salvaged textiles. Her face is made of clay, her hair is humanely sourced wool and she is adorned with a talisman made from a polished coconut shell.

She measures approximately 15” x 4.5” 

Please note that she is fragile and is not a toy.
She has a wire hanger on the back so she can be hung on a wall. 


Sale price$ 175.00