Baba Yaga Necklace - For Wild, Natural Wisdom

$ 85
Baba Yaga is the goddess of wisdom and death.
She is well known in Slavic mythology as the crone witch, the hag or the bone mother. She lives between the worlds in a house that walks on chicken feet. 
She is a wild and untameable nature spirit bringing wisdom and death of ego to those that are brave enough to seek her out. She is associated with the dark forests, death, rebirth, healing and renewal.
This is a necklace that I made for myself many moons ago and carries a lot of magick with it. It is ready to go to someone that needs it now. I can feel it. 
This necklace is made from what I think is a chicken foot, a naturally shed antler, an antique skeleton key, a cowrie shell, a hand charm and natural fibers. It measures approximately 2.5" x 6" and hangs from a 24" distressed leather cord. 


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With Love, HagRoot


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