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 This spirit doll was created to help you step into freedom. Many of us are living in self created cages. We subconsciously tell ourselves that we aren't worthy of freedom or happiness and therefore remain stuck and held back in our lives. This doll was created to help you soften and surrender into yourself. To let go of the need to please others or to be accepted or validated. She holds the key to the cage that you have created for yourself. It's time to open the door, to exhale, to live consciously and happy. The blue and green colors that she is adorned with stimulates the heart and throat chakras, giving you the freedom to speak your truth and compassion for yourself and others. 
She is blindfolded because I feel that many of us go blindly through life, never truly seeing what is inside of us or right in front of us. This symbolism serves as a reminder to step out of your numbed out state and begin to truly see what a gift it is to be here, to be you.

She was created with clay, found driftwood, wire, salvaged fibers and fabric, an antique style key, naturally shed snake skin and ethically sourced wool.
Driftwood symbolizes freedom and teaches us to let go of attachment and to go with the flow.

Snake medicine is very ancient and extremely powerful. Snake medicine includes wisdom, healing, initiation, elusiveness, transmutation, exploration of the mysteries of life, elemental energy, goddess energy, psychic visions, creative power and the ability to travel between the realms. Using Snake Medicine allows us to shed our skin (our illusions and limitations, getting rid of that which no longer serves us) to achieve peace, health and oneness.

Key represent hidden knowledge, mystery, access to other realms and initiation. 

She measures approximately 9.5" x 7.25" and hangs from a wire hanger on the back.
Sale price$ 145.00