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This necklace is made from clay, a Blue Lace Agate stone and a Hag Stone. 

Hag stones are stones with a natural hole in them made from being tumbled by wind and water for many moons. They are associated with witches and the fae. It is said that looking through a hag stone will allow you to see the other worlds. They are known to help us with divination, intuition and psychic awareness and offer protection from negative beings and psychic attack.

Blue Lace Agate Properties: Calming, Protection, Harmony, Optimism, Emotional Healing, Soothes an Overactive Mind, Dispels Grief

The pendant measures approximately 2.5 x 1.25” and hangs from an 18” antique style chain with a clasp.

This necklace is handmade and is one of a kind. Please treat it gently and don’t get it wet. 

Sale price$ 70.00