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This necklace was created to awaken your inner wild healer. Wear this necklace for creativity, self expression, healing inner wounds and traumas and to enhance spiritual awareness. It's made from salvaged leather, a found bone, amethyst, citrine, a found piece of fallen wood, fabric and wire.

Citrine promotes optimism, self esteem, mental clarity and creativity. It also has the power to recharge you when you are feeling drained of your positive energy. 
Amethyst aids in spiritual awareness and awakening, conscious awareness of your soul purpose, helps you to connect with your spirit guides, eases stress, promotes self awareness, inner peace and feelings of self worth. It is said to dispel negative energy, grief, anxiety and sadness while also enhancing psychic abilities and intuition.

The assemblage measures 4.25" x 2" and hangs from a 20" antique style chain with a clasp.

+Please do not get your necklace wet. If it needs to be cleansed, let it sit overnight in the moonlight or cover it loosely with dirt.
Sale price$ 45.00