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This conjure necklace is a vessel of protection and healing.
It's a manifestation of the magick that exists within and around you.
Let this necklace guide you, heal you and inspire you.
Let it remind you of your own strength, magick and power.
Allow it to bring balance, harmony and grounding to your world while connecting you to the heart of the Earth.
Wear it as a daily reminder of your connection to the natural world, to empower your unique journey, to connect you with your soul purpose and the magick and medicine within you.

This necklace is not just an accessory.
It's a portal to all things mystical.
Encased within it's glass vial are fragments of the natural world.
Each element, symbol and design was intuitively chosen for the purpose and magick that it carries.

Snake skin, shed in the cycle of renewal, symbolizes transformation and healing.
The snake is revered as a creature of wisdom, guarding sacred spaces and offering guidance on your journey.
Snake medicine promotes transformation, exploration of the mysteries of life, goddess energy, psychic visions, creative power and the ability to travel between the realms. Using snake medicine allows you to shed your skin (your illusions and limitations) so you can break free from that which no longer serves you in order to create inner peace, health and oneness in your life.

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric symbol that represents the interconnectedness of all life. It is a visual expression of the intricate web of life that connects all beings, and the unity and interdependence that exists in the universe. The Flower of Life is believed to be the basic template for everything in existence. This symbol activates and balances the energy centers within your body. By meditating on the Flower of Life, you can align your chakras and enhance your spiritual growth. It symbolizes consciousness, a higher awareness and being one with all that is.

Ghost Quartz, also known as Phantom Quartz, is a crystal known for its powerful healing properties. It aids in letting go of negative emotions, assisting in emotional healing and promoting self-esteem and courage. It's believed to cleanse the aura, promote patience, spiritual awareness, good fortune and intuition. Ghost Quartz is a supremely spiritual stone that activates the crown chakra. This is the energy center responsible for filtering in divine wisdom from higher realms of consciousness. Ghost Quartz is said to enhance intuition and facilitate a connection with your spirit guides. It's a powerful healer that can pull you out of darkness and depression.

Butcher’s Broom is steeped in lore and revered for its mystical properties. Butcher’s Broom is a plant deeply intertwined with magickal and folk traditions. It's believed to create a protective shield around you, warding off negative energies, malevolent spirits and psychic attacks. It's associated with enhancing psychic abilities, intuition and divination. It's believed to open the channels of perception, allowing you to tap into higher realms of consciousness and receive insights. It's also known to dispel hatred and negativity while promoting a harmonious and positive energy field.

This necklace can be worn as a daily reminder of your connection to nature and the magick and medicine that resides within you.

The bottle measures approximately .5" x 1.75” including the cap
and hangs from a 19” antique style chain with a clasp.

This necklace is handmade and is one of a kind. 
Please treat it gently and don’t get it wet.


I strive to create products that are cruelty-free, responsibly sourced, respectful of all cultures and environmentally friendly.

When you buy from me, you are not just purchasing a product.
You are engaging in a lifestyle that honors the interconnectedness of all things.
My creations weave the threads of personal well-being, ecological integrity and global consciousness.
Your purchase allows me to continue sharing my passion and my magick with the world and it also benefits my snake sanctuary and my center for healing, creativity and spiritual growth.

To reduce waste and minimize our ecological footprint, I often use packaging and shipping supplies that are salvaged or recycled.

I strongly believe in respecting nature and protecting the well-being of all living creatures.
I never harm animals for food, art, ritual or aesthetic purposes.
Any animal-derived materials used in my creations have been ethically sourced or salvaged.

I invite you to join me on this journey towards a conscious and compassionate way of living.
We all have the ability to make a difference in the world.

Before making a purchase, please read through my shop info.
This necklace is handmade and is one of a kind. Please treat it gently and don’t get it wet. 
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