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This necklace was created to increase psychic ability, clairvoyance and astral travel.

You will receive a 1 3/4" tall glass corked vial filled with Damiana and Quartz Crystal that hangs on a 30" vintage style chain.

Quartz crystal is known as a master healer. It has the ability to absorb, filter and release energy as needed. This is very beneficial in keeping you in balance and for deep soul cleansing. It connects with all of your chakras, clearing out blockages, and cleaning your aura which allows your energy to flow freely. It aids in spiritual growth and self transformation.

Damiana is beneficial for lucid dreaming, clairvoyance, dreamwork, and divination.


All of my jewelry is made with ethically sourced materials.
+Please do not get your necklace wet. If it needs to be cleansed, let it sit overnight in the moonlight or cover it loosely with dirt.
Sale price$ 12.00