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This spirit doll is in a collection of 5.
All are extremely unique but being birthed together, I feel that their medicine is very similar.

The medicine that came through while I was working with these dolls was transformation, self love and acceptance and a letting go of attachments that had been holding me back from my soul purpose.

Each doll carries a medicine vial that contains Rose Petals, Poke Root, Snake Skin and Ghost Quartz.

They have handmade clay faces and bodies made from driftwood that I found on one of my journeys. They have been intuitively hand painted and bound with yarn and wire.

Rose petals promote self love and connection to the divine.
Poke root promotes courage and breaks hexes.
Snake skin is used for protection and transformation.
Ghost quartz aids in letting go of negative emotions and assists in emotional healing. 
It also promotes self esteem and courage.
Driftwood symbolizes freedom and teaches us to let go of attachment and to go with the flow.

This spirit doll measures approximately 3" x 10.5"
Sale price$ 110.00