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As she dances her serpent-like dance, prophetic visions are shown to her. She reaches her hand out to invite you into her world of mysticism and magick. Her medicine helps you tune into your intuition and open to the messages that are given to you. She gives you the confidence and the courage to trust what you hear, feel and see. With this trust in yourself you'll be able to start reading the emotions and energies of those around you with more clarity. 

She was created with clay, found driftwood, wire, salvaged fibers and fabric and a glass vial with naturally shed snake skin. 

Driftwood symbolizes freedom and teaches us to let go of attachment and to go with the flow.

Snake medicine is very ancient and extremely powerful. Snake medicine includes wisdom, healing, initiation, elusiveness, transmutation, exploration of the mysteries of life, elemental energy, goddess energy, psychic visions, creative power and the ability to travel between the realms. Using Snake Medicine allows us to shed our skin (our illusions and limitations, getting rid of that which no longer serves us) to achieve peace, health and oneness.

She measures approximately 9" x 8" and hangs from a wire hanger on the back.
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