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I enjoyed creating this doll so much. She has a free spirited, uplifting and fearless energy. She’s not afraid to speak her truth and she journeys through life in complete authenticity and joy.

She is adorned with an evil eye bead for protection, a lapis lazuli necklace to aid the throat chakra and a glass bottle that contains shed snake skin and mugwort for transformation and mystic communication. 

Materials Used: Clay, Wire, Handspun Wool, Paint, Textiles, Salvaged Wood, Glass Eyes, Snake Skin, Herbs + Stones

Measurements: 16.5" Tall (including the wood) x 9.5" Wide x 4" Deep

Please note that these dolls are not toys. They are sacred and fragile. They are all attached to a piece of salvaged wood with a wire hanger so they can be hung on a wall or displayed on an altar.

Sale price$ 365.00