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This doll carries the elements of fire and water.
She is adorned with shell’s, salvaged textiles and fibers and a glass evil eye bead for protection.
Her hair is made from handspun wool. Her face is made from clay and her body is driftwood that I found. 
When I was almost finished with her I felt called to add extra eyes to her and I heard “the watchers”. 
I’m not sure what this means but I know that it’ll make sense to her person. The way I feel it is that she has guides/beings watching out for her. 

Measurements: 13" Tall x 8.5" Wide x 2" Deep

Please note that these dolls are not toys. They are sacred and fragile. They are all attached to a piece of salvaged wood with a wire hanger so they can be hung on a wall or displayed on an altar.

Sale price$ 175.00