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This necklace was made from clay that has been etched with the Flower of Life symbol, paint, stain and varnish and is adorned with a beautiful piece of amethyst.

I find amethyst to be a stone that brings your personal power to the surface and assists you in letting go of what is no longer beneficial to your life and aids you in setting boundaries and protecting your energy while remaining open to let spiritual growth and community flow through. 

The Flower of Life is one of the most sacred patterns in the universe. It is said to depict the fundamental forms of space and time. It is a visual expression of the connections that life weaves through all living things.  It is a symbol representing the source of all that exists. It symbolizes our consciousness, a higher awareness and being one with all that is.

The pendant measures approximately 2” x 1” and hangs from an 18” antique style chain with a clasp.

Please don’t get your necklace wet or expose it to chemicals. If you need to cleanse it you can leave it in a window to receive moonlight or cleanse it with smoke from herbs or incense. 

Sale price$ 45.00