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The storyteller is wildly unapologetic and unafraid to share her story with the world because she knows that by sharing her story she will inspire others to share their stories as well. The world needs us to share our story in all of it's honesty, magick and rawness.

The Storyteller shares stories of life, of death and of rebirth. Of trauma, ancestral wounds and of sacred feminine empowerment. She tells stories of rising from dirt and ash and of fearlessly walking through fire. She shares her dreams, her magick and her wild wisdom. 

The Storyteller holds the key to unlock your stories, your magick and your truth.

Now is the time to share your story with the world. It is time to be seen and heard and to let your wild magick inspire others.

The Storyteller was made from clay, shed snake skin, faux fur, yarn, fabric, recycled silk sari ribbon, fallen branches and a bronze key. 

Including the branches she measures 13.5” tall and 6.75” wide. 

The fibers that she is wrapped with are perfect for hanging her on a wall. 

Sale price$ 75.00